The end of a PhD: Planning the last 80 days

Fact: my deadline is in 80 days.

It should have been Thursday 31st March (88days) but thanks to Easter weekend I have to hand in a week early. The binding shops will be shut over the Easter period and I want to be sure it’s bound and handed in well on time. This is the only time you will catch me bemoaning two bank holidays on a weekend!

In order to help myself through what will no doubt be the most stressful 80 days of my life so far I have decided to drag you all along with me by giving you a day by day report in excruciating detail! (okay – maybe not in too much detail but you get the idea). I will be endeavouring to write a piece here, however long or short, every day until the inglorious manuscript is handed in. The theory is this will give me a clear idea of what I have achieved and what I still have yet to do.

To do this I’ve bought a diary – mostly to keep track of what I’m eating and exercise (NY resolution, don’t let my health deteriorate for the next 80 days – and beyond!). But I will also be using it to keep a note of what I have done each day. This will help me to actually achieve submission – and hopefully on time!


Evidence the diary exists!

Now I just have to stick to the plan and everything should be fine… or so I will keep muttering to myself as I beaver away at my desk!

Watch this space for today’s update!


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