Countdown to a PhD: 78 days to go

Right what did I actually do yesterday? Difficult to remember so clearly I had a scintillating day.

It began with an intensive trip to fitness class at 0615 – its certainly one way to wake up in the morning. Academic work of the day consisted of more Chapter 7 reading. This was focussed at first on sifting through the information from day 79’s sleuthing and figuring out how to put it all together in my thesis. I then wrote it into the Chapter and included the pretty LiDAR picture (see Day 79 post!). After that, more reading, this time on the New Forest and Nene Valley industries.

My heart wasn’t really in it. Whatever I wrote will need rewriting – it only passes for PhD level analysis in the barest of senses. What I have so far written more resembles a random collection of my thoughts gathered from my reading of the various industries than actual academic writing. I think this may be the root of the problem: I’m not entirely clear how it all fits together yet – I have some ideas but they are still pretty blurry. This results in my dodgy writing and therefore in my lack of interest in what I’m doing. Its a vicious circle. But this is part of what you could call my “process”. Sometimes I need to attempt to write the chapter sections for it all to begin to fit together in my head. I can then go back through it and edit it to make sense and to coherently put the points across. Fingers crossed I’m just going through my “process” with Chapter 7!


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