Countdown to a PhD: 77 days to go

The unproductive trend continues…

I spent yesterday doing yet more reading and writing for Chapter 7. It increasingly feels like an uphill climb and I don’t know why. Its all information I know and things that are important to my conclusions but I just can’t seem to engage with it. Last time I experienced this it heralded 6 weeks of writers block… **praying to the PhD gods this isn’t the case this time**!

A change of scene did help get a solid couple hours of writing in. I went to the common room – there was something about the room and my desk space that was depressing. The cliché downside of the common room were the pompous undergraduate students. Not to sound too harsh but they are like toddlers or 12 year olds. You look back at yourself then and wonder how on earth you were ever like that – you ask: surely we can’t have been that bad when we were their age!? Well the same disquieting question can be asked when faced with third years – all puffed up because they finally figured out this ‘university thing’ and are starting to feel somewhat like ‘actual academics’. It would be endearing if they weren’t trying to outdo themselves with the amount of reading they’d done (unfortunately still not as much as they should have!). On the plus side there was a gorgeous sunset over the department.

So change of scene and some entertainment in the form of third years that would only have improved with the witty and dulcet commentary of Sir David Attenborough.

Today’s plan: work on editing some of my other chapters to give my the boredom part of my brain a rest. In the event of boredom, a tactical retreat to the common room will be enacted!


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