Countdown to a PhD: 76 days to go

I started the day attempting to remember how to use a skipping rope without falling flat on my face. It was part of fitness class – it was a good session but skipping kills my legs! breakfast and some housework followed and of course I wrote day 77’s blog entry.

I had decided to have a bit of break from Chapter 7 as it was driving more than a little bit insane and I wasn’t exactly getting anywhere with it. Instead I spent the day editing Chapter 5. This went well and I got quite a bit of it done. Before Christmas I had gone through most of my chapters with red pen in hand noting where things needed to be changed / expanded etc. I spent time yesterday acting on these notes.


The onslaught of red pen for Chapter 5.

I still felt a bit disconnected sat at my desk so I spent a couple of hours after lunch working in the common room (devoid of pretentious 3rd years this time). Overall I am pleased with what I achieved. Turns out it is good for the brain to have a couple of days away from the beast that is Chapter 7.

I am spending today at the main campus library – I could work from home but I never quite get as much done as I’d hope. I am going to make a habit over the next 11 weeks to come to main campus on weekends to keep up my momentum (as much as it exists!) for completing this thesis.

Happy weekend!



  1. I can’t wait until I have 76 days left! Actually, I am a bit afraid as well because that will be the dissertation phase! Nevertheless, you go girl! Good luck to you Rachel!

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