Countdown to a PhD: 73 days to go

This weekend was quite a hectic one. I spent Saturday (75 days to go) at the main campus editing Chapter 5. The idea was to have a bit of time away from Chapter 7 to get those particular writing juices flowing again. Unfortunately my key broke off in my lock making the weekend not only hectic but very expensive too! I spent Sunday (day 74) with my parents and had an unplanned day off (didn’t make it back into my house till the early hours thanks to the key incident).

So how did day 73 go after all that? Answer: my cunning plan worked! (*insert evil laugh*)

Monday started with a trip to fitness class (skipping again, ouch!). I returned to Chapter 7 and discovered what I had written last week wasn’t complete rubbish – huzzah! I finished the reading for the last couple of sections and wrote them into the text. I then printed Chapter 7, read it (the return of the red pen!)and spent the rest of the afternoon editing it.

Overall this has put me in a much better headspace regarding Chapter 7 and has allowed to me improve it as well as finish writing the first half (day 72 being spent on the second half when not writing this blog…).

Excellent cunning plan sucessfully implemented. Time to pat myself on the back I think…!


minions party

!Yey me!

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