Countdown to a PhD: 72 days to go

Yesterday was fairly boring. I spent it sorting through the reading for the thematic case studies for Chapter 7 – aka part 2 of the chapter from hell.

This started well, I worked through it industry by industry typing the relevant information into sections on a word document. Only trouble is that its incredibly tedious with 10 industries to work through. Needless to say by 4pm my motivation had long since done a runner. Certainly by that point I looked like this…

So today is a new day and all that. Fitness class just about shocked me awake this morning. Today’s job: attempt to write part 2 of the chapter from hell and see what happens. I do have something to look forward to today. It is the first of the termly seminar series (and also cake Wednesday…). They are starting of the term with a ‘bang’, the guest speaker being Richard Buckley talking about “The King under the Car Park: Greyfriars, Leicester and the search for Richard III”. I’ve read books and articles about the discovery but never heard from the research director himself so yey! This is a 515pm so I have a goal to work towards.


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