Countdown to a PhD: 70 days to go

Chapter 7 proved to be an unslayable dragon yesterday. I attempted to continue on the part 2 in the morning, but as I said in yesterday’s post, I just seem to be repeating myself. So I moved on to continuing the edits of Chapter 5. Finding my edits was a bit of a challenge, turns out they weren’t where I thought I’d put them in the realms of my computer files. This was a good plan, I got much more written and edited so the afternoon was more of a success than the morning. My brain seems to have been ruminating on the chapter 7 dragon in the mean time and this morning I woke up with an idea to approach part 2 in a different way that would avoid me repeating myself and give me room for some critical analysis = WIN! (metal detectorists have a dance for when they find gold, maybe I should get one for moments like this…!)

Dilemma for today: attempt to implement my genius strategy for Chapter 7 part 2 or continue edits from chapter 5 ¬†because this is where my brain seems to be lingering…


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