Countdown to a PhD: 65 days to go

Peake Selfie

Peake’s spacewalk selfie! (

Four days worth of work to catch you up on… Day 69 was a good day, I worked on editing Chapter 5 and did some reading for the final section of the chapter (“Becoming Roman”). I took a 15minute break around lunchtime to watch Major Tim Peake on his historical spacewalk which was pretty cool – great live streaming service from NASA.

Day 68 was also a very productive day – I seem to get a lot done now I’ve sent the chapter 7 dragon away, at least for the mean time! I went up to main campus. This is working out as a good plan for my weekends – spend Saturdays at main campus and Sundays at home catching up on all those life jobs I don’t get done during the week, like sleep… More chapter 5 editing and I started to read for and write my introduction.

Day 67 was a ‘life jobs’ day although I did get a little bit of reading done for my introduction.


Notes figuring out what each of my chapters actually does so they could be summarised in the introduction.

Day 66 left me exhausted from fitness class – don’t know why but we all found that session particularly tiring! I did some odd jobs when I got to the office, organising notes etc. I read for and wrote my introduction for most of the day. Did have a brief 45minute break to catch up with a friend. I got as far as I can for now with my introduction without answering the question of what my thesis does and why it is important – far too scary a question to deal with on a Monday! So I ended the day by starting to make the edits to Chapter 6.

I’m meeting with my supervisor this morning to go through the Chapter 7 dragon. The plan for the rest of the week is as follows: finish edits to chapter 6, finish writing and edit chapter 7 in light of today’s meeting, double check the the edited versions of the chapters are all in the document THESIS2016 and print it, read through it making notes for my conlcusion chapter and other general edits, plan and write my conclusion. Deadline for full draft = Friday 29th January.


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