Month: February 2016

Countdown to a PhD: 30 Days to Go

The last post I wrote was on day 65. Much has changed since then! I worked hard to submit a full draft to my supervisors and I have submitted my ‘intention to submit’ form. Although I am still aiming for 24th March, I gave myself two extra weeks on the form ‘just in case’. So whatever happens, my PhD WILL be handed in by Friday 15th April (insert fanfare of choice here).

Yesterday I had a meeting with both supervisors to go through the full draft I handed in three weeks ago. It was a very positive experience. The manuscript is not without its flaws and there is still work to do before handing in. But both supervisors are happy that once the changes we have discussed are made then the manuscript will be in a good state to hand in, and more importantly will stand up in my Viva. I even managed to surprise one supervisor who thought he wasn’t going to like a chapter but after reading it, liked it very much!

So jobs for the next 4 weeks… keep editing, keep making those changes, keep on improving the language. Essentially, keep calm and carry on!